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Chris Wootten

Pitkin Stearns International

Pitkin Stearns is the exclusive importer and distributor of Klaus Bosch’s Rainbow Vision Sand Pictures for North America. The Sand Pictures are interactive, ever-changing, mesmerizing and versatile art pieces. Put them on your desk and watch them evolve with a new creation of mountains, valleys and dunes with each turn. Put our movies on the wall and enjoy the added dimension of the image to enhance the performance of the sand. Indeed, with retail prices from $25.00 to $80,000.00, there is a sand lover for every budget. We have over 30 items that retail for less than $90.00. Made in Austria.

Check out our retail website www.sandpicture.com. And, click on our catalog link on this page to see our wide line of sandpictures.

Video: Learn more about Rainbow-Vision Sand Pictures

For inquiries on where to purchase a Rainbow Vision Sand Pictures, please contact Chris Wootten at (303) 794 – 2323 or by e-mail at chris@pitkinstearns.com

Please write us with your story of how you enjoy your sandpicture! Send to chris@pitkinstearns.com .

For wholesale inquiries, please contact Chris Wootten at (303) 794–2323 or by e-mail at chris@pitkinstearns.com

Pitkin Stearns was established in August of 1990 as an import / export company whose trading partner has primarily been Japan. Since 1990, Pitkin Stearns has exported items that can be sold to the end consumer via TV (infomercials, live TV), mail order catalogs and via retail stores. Amazingly, it was via this trade with Japan that we came across the sandpictures. Klaus’s first overseas agent was in Japan. This agent recommended Pitkin Stearns and the rest is history, as we say.